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Sticker Sisters

Sticker Sisters is a subdivision of Creative Differences that was created by MiaLee and Letty Goswick. These sisters create unique one of a kind digital drawing and then turn their artwork into vinyl decals for everyone to enjoy. Their own sticker collection.

Sticker Sisters.png

Our stickers are  🎨handmade and made-to-order 🎨. They can be placed on almost any surface- water bottles, phone cases, laptops, folder, notebooks and will adhere to metal, plastic, glass, and paper.  


Our stickers make wonderful unique ways to identify your items, or show your personality.  They also make wonderful gifts for family and friends, for special events or just an everyday smile.  


Our stickers are strong, they are made of a high tack permanent adhesive vinyl 

This vinyl installs easily.


💪Our stickers will last a long time if hand washed, and not submerged.💪

The surface should be clean before you apply your sticker.


Please reach out with questions or concerns!

✨Thank you so much for supporting our dreams! ✨


📫 Shipping/Tracking: FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING!!!

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